Team Rivervale hosted Team STALONE07, a team of STA level ONE coach trainees (2007) at The RIVERVALE on Sat 2 Sep 2007.

This match was made possible as Albert (a fellow RV resident) was a fellow trainee in the same course and he personally invited them to play against Team Rivervale.Team Rivevale fielded more than 10 players while Team STALONE07 had about 8 players in total.

As Team STALONE07 players did not have much playing or almost zero time playing together prior to this match, they had some difficulty matching up against very SEANSONED players from Team Rivervale who on top on playing together as doubles are also currently involved in our own in house Tennis League. Kudos to Team STALONE07 for putting up a good fight.

Scores :Team RIVERALE vs Team STALONE07

1. Larry / Julian Vs Thomas/Sherman 9-3
2. Cliff / Lai Yong VS Kenny/Ernie 9-3
3. Vincent Ho/Roland VS Kwee Hui/ Albert (playing for STALONE07) 9-5
4. John Ho/ Bryan Heng VS Raymond/Andy 6-9
5. Ronny/Nasraden VS Thomas/Joel 9-3
6. Albert/Vincent Ho VS Sherman/Andy 9-6
7. John Ho/Bryan Heng VS Kwee Hui/Joel 7-9
8. Julian/Nasraden VS Raymond/Andy 4-6