Team Rivervale Condo hosted a team from FTC (Filipino Tennis Club) on a warm and humid night on 10th Apr 2010 at The Rivervale Condo premises.

This meeting was brought about through a chance visit by FTC's Shan Andes who happens to surf into Team's Rivervale Website. A couple of emails exchange later, both Shan and I decided to host a intergroup friendly at Rivervale Condo's premises.

For the first time, Team Rivervale had 4 players under the age of 20 namely John Ho (17), Byran Heng (17), Jun Jie (14) and Noah Ho (14), and certainly they did not show their age when playing against the much more experienced FTC members.

FTC's brought along most if not all of their key committee members including President Ramon himself. Both myself and our RV members had a good time playing with really seasoned players who trully play their games with full of passion as expected of all Phiiipinos.

BTW RV teammates, Egwyn Anthony Francisco (the chap with Andy Roddick's serve) is a Filipino national level player... So we are really in some illustrious company here.

During our mingling sessions, Tomo and I were joking with our FTC counterparts (Ramon, Shan , Ernie and Eric) and that if we only had installed a Karaoke machine besides our courts, perhaps they could have transferred their passion somewhere outside of the tennis courts instead.. FTC sg is a very active singapore based club and they also have chapters in Dubai and Melbourne.. and to think that Team Rivervale has yet to step out of Sengkang!!!

We like to thank Shan , Ramon and FTC gang for dropping by .. We truly enjoyed your company both on and off the courts and we look forward to playing with you again soon.

Our "ATP" journey continues...


Team Rivervale VS Team FTC

no RV vs FTC Score  
1 John Ho & Bryan Heng VS Mon Red & Ernie Sabigan 7-9  
2 Robin Ho & Larry Chew VS Rey Lecaros & Natus Sipin 5-9 RV_FTC_18
3 (LADIES) Wai Lng & Jean Oh VS Amy Andes & Che Yaneza 6-9 RV_FTC_20
4 Julian Lee & Cliff Lee VS Egwyn Anthony Francisco & Shan Andes (8-8) DRAW RV_FTC_14
5 Albert Teo & Teo Jun Jie VS Ramon Padiermos & Eric Gutierrez 9-6 RV_FTC_1
6 Vincent Lee & Apichai VS Alex & Rey Lecaros 8-8 Draw  
7 Kelvin Yeo & EC VS Shan Andes & Mon Red 4-9 RV_FTC_17
8 Noah & Tomo VS Egwyn Anthony Francisco & Natus Sipin 2-9 RV_FTC_19
  Recycled.. and games were played to 6    
9 Cliff Lee & Robin Ho VS Eric Gutierrez & Alex 6-3  
10 Bryan Heng & Teo Jun Jie VS Ramon Padiermos & Mon Red 4-6 RV_FTC_16
11 Jean Oh & Kelvin Yeo VS Ernie Sabigan & Che Yaneza 6-2