Team Rivervale , at the invitation of Monica Ling, paid a visit to the Tanamera Condo in the East Coast in a beautiful sunny SUNDAY. Team Rivervale comprising of almost entirely of The Rivervale Condo residents and ex-residents, played a team comprising of seasoned sparring regulars at The Tanamera Condo, of whom about one fifth of whom are fellow residents.

Team Rivervale, was high on confidence after a series of undefeated home and away visits to other condos, was quickly brought down to earth by an obviously seasoned team of regulars.

Although Team Rivervale fought valiantly, Team Tanamera proved too strong. The sea breeze blowing through The Tanamera also proved to be a deciding factor as some of The Rivervale team members struggled with ball toss and wrong readings of incoming balls. But that should not take the credit away from Team Tanamera who have honed their serve and volley skills to a art. They were obviously very comfortable in this space especially their 1st 2 pairings of Ryan/Daniel and Adam/Osamu.

The first set of doubles also was a most exciting match between Kelvin/Abichai (RV) and Daniel/Ryan (TM). It was a highly skilled contest with both sides serving hard hitting aces and excellent overhead smashes and rock solid volleys.

Team Rivervale also fielded 3 father/son teams consisting of Albert/Jun Jie, Cliff/Ronathan, Robin/Noah Ho of which 2 actually paired and played. This bolts well for the future RV tennis with the likes of Noah Ho, Ronathan, Jun Jie coming up quickly to backup the rusty joints of their respective fathers. Even they proved more seasoned than seniors having played for their respective seconday/JC school teams as well.

We like to thank Monica Ling, Andy Lam and their team mates for giving us a match to remember and we certainly would like to play them again at our home ground soon. But we certainly need to work on our serve/volleys before we will be able to match you.

Thanks again.

Final Scores

Tanamera Condo Vs Rivervale Condo

1) Ryan Lee & Daniel Jones VS Kelvin Yeo & Apichai (9-3)
2) Andy Lam & Osamu VS Albert Teo & Jun Jie (9-4)
3) Yi Jin & James Liou VS Tomo & Ronny Soo (9-4)
4) Eric Sim & Win VS Cliff Lee & Ronathan Lee (6-9)
5) Kiang Peng & JoJo VS Foo Lai Yong & Kurt Chan (9-4)
6) Yi Jin & Philip Ong VS Robin Ho & Vincent Lee (9-0)
7) Monica Ling & Susan Utama VS Jean Oh & Wai Ling (9-0)
8) Andy Lam & James Liou VS Noah Ho & Ronathan Lee (5-6) as time was up
9) Eric Sim & JoJo VS Kelvin Yeo & Apichai (1 set)(6-6 den tie-break) (4-7)