Team CS vs Team RV


Dear resident

Team Rivervale played a Team of colleagues from financial industry in a Intergroup Tennis Doubles Friendly on 25 August sunday morning from 730am.

Team C came with a team of 6 seasoned players and almost all of them could serve very well. Their hitting base is a Cairhill condo in town.

It was pretty even matchup with most matches ending in tight scoring.

We like to take this opportunity to thank Team C for making the trip here to the North East and wish them all the best for their future friendlies



  Team Rivervale Team C Score  


Bhaskar n Meng Ran

Jacky n Swaine


Team CS vs Team RV

2 Albert n Ong ES Kurt n Ryan 9-8 Team CS vs Team RV
3 Bhaskar Elton 7-5  
4 Kelvin n Marcel Elton n Michael 4-9 Team CS vs Team RV
5 Bhaskar n Ong Jacky n Swaine 7-9 Team CS vs Team RV
6 Kelvin n Marcel Kurt n Ryan 6-3 Team CS vs Team RV
7 Albert n Bhaskar Mike n Swaine 1-6