Dear resident

Team Rivervale played Team FTC (Filipino Tennis Club) in a Intergroup Tennis Doubles Friendly on 9 Mar 2019 saturday morning from 730am.

FTC came with their FTC Singapore President (Timothy Ace) and a team of both A and B level players. All of them can serve well and were sharp as a doubles pairing in terms of tactics and technique.

Standout FTC players particularly were Ayo and Charles (who displayed exceptional Service and FH/BH techniques).

Team Rivervale had to eat humble pie and was taught a good lesson in doubles strategies.

We like to take this opportunity to thank Team FTC singapore for making the trip here to the North East and wish them all the best for their future friendlies





The Rivervale

FTC Singapore


Team Rivervale vs FTC 2019_20
1 Ronathan Lee n John Ho Timothy Ace n Ayo Canlas 1-9 Team Rivervale vs FTC 2019_1
2 Albert Teo n Kurt Chan Alvin n Eric 7-9 Team Rivervale vs FTC 2019_3
3 Marcel Lee and Ong ES Joey Salvador n Jecky 1-9 Team Rivervale vs FTC_1
4 Bhaskar Rajan n Peter Teh Ayo Canlas and Charles Sagrado 0-9 Team Rivervale vs FTC 2019_19
5 Ronathan Lee and Ong ES Joey Salvador n Jecky 3-9  
6 Marcel Lee and John Ho Charles Sagrado n Eric 1-9  
7 Albert Teo n Bhaskar Ayo Canlas n Alvin 8-9