Dear Resident

Team Rivervale had a RETURN friendly with Team Nestle on 25 Jun 2016 after a 3 year hiatus, where they last played each other.

According to Nestle Team Captain HL Lee, their Singapore Team just returned from Malaysia after playing with their Malaysian and Regional counterparts in their own internal Nestle League.

To maintain their competition momentum they decided to invite Team Rivervale for a RETURN friendly.

Both teams had major changes in their team formation this time round.

Team Nestle had fewer MNC members this time around.

Team Rivervale were also without some of their stronger regulars like Cliff, Ronathan, Kelvin , John, and Bryan who featured strongly in the last outing.

In their place we had new blood like Marcel, Prash, and 13 year old Rivervale youngsters Vikas and Venu.

They certainly perform admirably given their VIRGIN status in Friendly competitions.

We take this opportunity to wish our Nestle couterparts the best in their future tennis endeavours and thank them again for inviting us for this rematch at our premises.


RV Tennis Team

Match Results 



Team Rivervale

Team Nestle



1 Larry n Prash Patrick n Philip 4-9 RVnestle2016_1
2 Albert n Jun Jie Kenny n HL Lee 9-7 RVnestle2016_3
3 Sam n Kurt Kenny n Chris 2-9 RVnestle2016_6
4 Marcel n Winnie Barry n Anne 4-9 RVnestle2016_2
5 Venu n Vikas Hong Lin n Philip 0-9 RVnestle2016_10
6 Sam n Prash Patrick n HL Lee 2-9 RVnestle2016_9
7 Albert n Kurt Barry n Hong Lin 9-5 RVnestle2016_7
8 Venu n Vikas Wei Jun n Anne 9-7 RVnestle2016_5