Team CS vs Team RV


Dear resident

Team Rivervale played a Team of colleagues from financial industry in a Intergroup Tennis Doubles Friendly on 25 August sunday morning from 730am.

Dear resident

Team Rivervale played Team FTC (Filipino Tennis Club) in a Intergroup Tennis Doubles Friendly on 9 Mar 2019 saturday morning from 730am.

Dear Resident

Team Rivervale had a RETURN friendly with Team Nestle on 25 Jun 2016 after a 3 year hiatus, where they last played each other.

Dear tennis fan

Team Rivervale hosted Team D'Leedon condo in a Intercondo Tennis Doubles Friendly at The Rivervale on 31 Mar 2018 saturday morning from 8am. It was a beautiful with bright sunshine

It has been almost 2 years since Team Rivervale hit the friendly trail.

So it was a no-brainer when HL Lee of Team Nestle approached me to set up a Team Friendly.

Dear NE Condo Tennis Captain / Coordinator

Do you guys play regularly as resident teams.
Perhaps you like to have a Inter condo double friendlies
A team of 6 (min) would be great as long as you have residents as majority.
Let's have a friendly today

Use this platform to gather your own resident player group today
Join your NE condo here

Albert Teo

Team Rivervale Condo hosted a team from FTC (Filipino Tennis Club) on a warm and humid night on 10th Apr 2010 at The Rivervale Condo premises.

This meeting was brought about through a chance visit by FTC's Shan Andes who happens to surf into Team's Rivervale Website. A couple of emails exchange later, both Shan and I decided to host a intergroup friendly at Rivervale Condo's premises.